Pressure Washers Galore!

AC Pressure Washers, a leading expert in cleaning solutions, keenly understands every professional cleaner’s pivotal query: “Which pressure washer is best?” Addressing this vital concern, we provide a broad spectrum of superior pressure washers, robust nozzles, and precisely engineered lances. These elements are more than mere tools; indeed, they are partners in your quest for pristine results, assisting in sustaining a spotless exterior that mirrors your steadfast commitment to excellence.

Famed for extraordinary efficiency and durability, our pressure washers dominate the realm of professional cleaning. We showcase a diverse selection, featuring numerous reputable brands, thus ensuring an ideal fit for each client’s specific needs and budget. Our range extends from compact models suitable for smaller tasks to powerful systems designed for larger, more demanding projects, effectively encompassing all types of cleaning challenges.

Additionally, the nozzles and lances we provide elevate beyond simple attachments. They play an integral role, governing the force and precision in your cleaning arsenal, synergizing with your pressure washer to yield outstanding cleanliness. This integration combines top-grade materials, cutting-edge design, and exemplary craftsmanship. Consequently, we deliver cleaning apparatus that withstands the passage of time and the demands of continuous usage.

Recognized for their steadfast performance and longevity, our pressure washers are the vanguards of professional cleaning. We have assembled an extraordinary collection from a variety of esteemed brands, ensuring the perfect pressure washer for your requirements and financial constraints is always within reach. From light-duty machinery for quick cleanups to heavy-duty alternatives for comprehensive tasks, we address the entirety of cleaning difficulties.

In essence, the nozzles and lances we offer are indispensable components. They serve as the custodians of efficiency and meticulousness in your cleaning routine, collaborating closely with your pressure washer to effectuate unparalleled cleaning outcomes. It’s a harmonious blend of premium materials, innovative structures, and flawless execution, resulting in cleaning technology that resists both temporal constraints and the strains of relentless operation.

The Home of Rocket Wash!


Rocket Wash, UK’s leading manufacturer of cleaning equipment, is renowned for producing the finest van mounted pressure washers in the industry. Designed and built in-house with meticulous attention to detail, our products truly epitomise the pinnacle of UK manufacturing.

Every professional cleaner will find the answer to their needs in our diverse product line. Our van mounted pressure washers bring unparalleled mobility and power to your cleaning operations. Turning every job into a mission accomplished. Meanwhile, our static cleaning machines offer unmatched robustness and efficiency. Meeting the most demanding cleaning challenges head-on.

Roof Cleaning!

Embarking on a roof cleaning business or seeking to enhance your current setup for speed and efficiency? Consider our array of roof cleaning tools, encompassing everything from hot water “steam” pressure washers to elongated lances and WFP conversion kits.

We don’t just stock equipment; our inventory includes the complete line of OVA8 Water Fed Poles. These industry-pioneering, carbon fibre, long-reach cleaning poles stand out in the market.

For the ultimate in roof cleaning and moss removal, you’ll find the finest pressure washers right here with us!

Proud UK Distributors of EBC

Enviro Bio Cleaner stands out as a genuinely versatile cleaner/degreaser. Employed as a potent industrial degreaser, it doubles effectively as a universal cleaner. Indeed, its cleaning capabilities know no bounds. It’s powerful, tackling the most tenacious grease and oil marks, yet gentle enough for house or building wash mix applications. Furthermore, our Multipurpose Cleaner & Degreaser harmonizes with Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach), enhancing its adaptability.

Book a Service!

Does your commercial pressure washer need some TLC? Not to worry! We have a service workshop in Chorley, Preston.

Send us an enquiry and we will book you in! Our team comprises of highly experienced engineers, ready to repair and service your pressure washer!

Who are AC Pressure Washers?

Based in the UK, AC Pressure Washers boasts a global footprint, serving clients worldwide with steadfast shipping services. Our robust customer base spans multiple European nations, including Hungary, Belgium, Germany, France, Slovenia, Poland, Spain, and Croatia. Solidifying our international presence. Wherever you are, expect top-tier cleaning equipment delivered directly to you.

As our expansion continues, our dedication to excellence and customer fulfillment remains paramount. Our seasoned team stands ready to offer nuanced advice, ensuring your investment is well-informed and rewarding. We provide more than products; we instill confidence through premium equipment assurance.

Stay in the loop with our newest offerings and industry insights by following us on Facebook. Our page is a hub for sharing valuable knowledge, product news, and exclusive social media-only deals. Engaging with our online network puts you at the forefront of cutting-edge developments in pressure washing innovations.

In essence, AC Pressure Washers transcends being a mere supplier. We embody a collective of professionals fervently dedicated to equipping clients with superior cleaning technology. Each item we offer reflects our deep commitment to quality, pioneering spirit, and customer contentment. We invite you to accompany us in revolutionizing professional exterior cleansing, one pressure washer at a time.



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