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Quick Release Coupling Identification

Quick releases come in all shapes and sizes. Allowing a fast change from one part to another, quick release couplings have found a home in the pressure washing industry, making life quick and simple with no need for tools. There are plenty of quick release types out there, each with their own size, shape and […]

Thread Identification

Being able to identify fittings really comes in handy when trying to marry up to parts of a pressure washer. Thread forms come in all shapes and sizes, and this can be a little confusing at first. We have compiled a thread identification chart below to help you identify any fittings you may have! O.D […]

Pressure Washing Terminology and Jargon

The world of pressure washing is quite the daunting place, especially with all of the abbreviations being used. Pressure washing terminology can be a bit of a mine field and you may find yourself asking what certain things mean. That’s where we come in! We are here to help, many things have several names but […]

What Type of Pressure Washer Should I Go For?

There is a huge range of pressure washers and machinery available out there! The question is, which type do you go for? Here is a simple guide to each type of pressure washer to help you determine which machine is right for you. 240v Electric Pressure Washers House mains powered pressure washers are by far […]


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