35ft WFP High Pressure Conversion Kit with WFP 300mm Surface Cleaner

35ft WFP High Pressure Conversion Kit with WFP 300mm Surface Cleaner

£584.72 +VAT

Complete Kit contains

1 x 35ft High Pressure, Lightweight Hose

1 x Pole Adaptor

1 x Angled Nozzle Holder

1 x Set Quick Releases

1 x Inline Pole Trigger

1 x 300mm Upgraded TD 300




300mm Stainless Steel Surface Cleaner.
Especially designed for professional cleaning applications.
Completely stainless design.
Suitable for hot and cold water high pressure pumps.
Heat-resistant all around protection ensures a safe handling by protection against splashes and stones.
The precision rotor arm is counterbalanced, precisely equilibrated and welded by robots.
Guaranteed low vibration & reliable running.
Suitable for applications up to about 150 hours annual operation hours.
Swivels are equipped with reinforced, self- lubricating triple bearing made out of stainless steel as developed with a hard metal sealing system for high revolutions per minute.


Max: 275Bar
Max Flow: 40 Lpm
Inlet: M22
Max Temp:120°C



The AC Waterfed Pole High Pressure Conversion Kit is designed to suit most waterfed poles.

Generally, the top section of the pole is removed, this allows the pole adaptor to be clamped tightly into place.

The trigger is bolted into the base of the pole, with the hose being fed through it.

This is not a permanent fixture and can be removed and converted back into a softwash or window cleaning pole.


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