Hawk 21lpm 200 Bar Pump

Hawk 21lpm 200 Bar Pump

£349.95 +VAT

Pressure: 200Bar

Flow rate: 21lpm

RPM: 1450

Shaft Size: 24mm

HP Needed: 10.7

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Unleash superior cleaning power with the Hawk 21 Lpm 200 Bar Pump, a cutting-edge product from AC Pressure Washers. With its top-tier specifications, this pump has set a new industry standard for pressure washing. Designed for seamless operation, it boasts a 21lpm flow rate and delivers a pressure of 200 bar, turning challenging cleaning tasks into effortless operations.

This Hawk Pump comes with a 24mm right-hand parallel shaft. Its robust build allows it to function at a maximum pressure of 200 bar and handle water temperatures up to 65°C (149°F), thereby ensuring unmatched performance even under demanding conditions.

A key feature of the Hawk Pump is its compatibility with a wide range of applications. Whether you are seeking an upgrade for your professional high-pressure washers, setting up advanced washing systems for motor vehicles, or looking to enhance your misting systems, the Hawk Pump is your go-to solution.

This pump carries the manufacturer’s part number NMT2120, a testament to its authenticity and commitment to top-notch quality. Furthermore, its inlet is equipped with a 1/2″ BSP specification, while its outlet carries a 3/8″ BSP specification, enabling easy installation and integration with your existing systems.

Renowned for its outstanding reliability and performance, the Hawk Pump has gained significant popularity in the market. A star product in our high-pressure washing arsenal. This pump perfectly exemplifies the blend of innovation and efficiency AC Pressure Washers is known for.

Our Hawk Pumps also serve as critical components in our comprehensive Rocket Wash Systems. This synergy empowers you to experience an unprecedented level of cleanliness and efficiency in your pressure washing tasks.

Power and Performance

At AC Pressure Washers, we constantly strive to deliver products that redefine the boundaries of exterior cleaning. With the Hawk 21 Lpm 200 Bar Pump, we have successfully combined power, performance, and versatility into one comprehensive package. Empowering you to take on your cleaning tasks with confidence and ease.

As we continue to innovate and expand our product portfolio, we invite you to join our community of satisfied customers and followers. Stay connected with us for the latest updates, insights, and offers on our Facebook page.

Invest in the Hawk 21 Lpm 200 Bar Pump and experience the difference in quality and performance. Revolutionize your pressure washing capabilities and enhance the efficiency of your cleaning tasks today. All from AC Pressure Washers.


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