High Flow Buffer Tank Conversion Kit

High Flow Buffer Tank Conversion Kit

£72.50 +VAT

This kit includes:

1 x Nito Coupling Complete Set 1/2″

1 x NiTo Coupling Complete Set 3/4″

1 x High Flow Float Valve

1 x Hozelock Probe

1 x 3/4″ Ball Valve

1 x Y-Strainer Filter



The High Flow Buffer Tank Conversion Kit has been designed with the professionals in mind, ensuring you can get your exterior cleaning jobs done quickly and efficiently. With its high flow float valve inlet, the tank can be filled to the brim with ease and it will shut off automatically when done. The outlet features a ball valve for easy drainage, filter, and NiTo quick release assembly for high flow so you don’t have to worry about any slow-downs. This conversion kit is perfect for anyone who needs fast, versatile access to water on-demand. So for professional exterior cleaners and pressure washers, the High Flow Buffer Tank Conversion Kit will make even your most challenging projects easier than ever before.

This unit can be fitted to any plastic tank, wheelie bin or bucket. Giving your pressure washer instant access to much needed water! Two step filtration ensures you don’t get any unwanted debris inside your pump.

Your main feed hose and be quickly de-coupled from the ball valve, allowing your tank to quickly empty.

The bypass and main feed hoses will attach the the NiTo couplings in this kit, giving you full flow along with the convenience of quick release, meaning no more lugging around hoses!

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