Pro.Grip 35ft OVA8 Pole Holder

£13.65 +VAT

ProGrip 35ft OVA8 Pole Holder

Designed specifically for 35ft OVA8 Pole. This ProGrip pole holder allows you to slot in your OVA8 Pole on it’s unique flat sides.

Compatible with: 

  • OVA8 35ft Pole

Requires 2 4x30mm screws (not included)

One set allows you to store a single OVA35ft pole

Not suitable for roof mounting.


Introducing the OVA8 Pole Holder from Pro.Grip, the ultimate solution for organized and accessible storage of your 35ft OVA8 poles.

Efficient OVA8 Pole Storage Solution

Designed specifically to accommodate 35ft OVA8 poles, this holder provides a tidy and orderly storage option by mounting on a wall.

Capacity and Convenience

The holder comes equipped with clips designed to securely hold your OVA8 poles, ensuring they are efficiently organized and easily accessible in your workspace.

Ideal for Van Storage

Tailored for the mobile professional, its design offers a practical way to store OVA8 poles in a van, keeping them secure and ready for use.

Easy Installation

With a focus on convenience, the installation process is straightforward, allowing for quick setup on any van wall or storage area within minutes.

Enhanced Organization for Cleaning Professionals

Especially useful for exterior cleaning professionals, this pole holder set ensures that essential tools are kept organized and within easy reach at all times.

Space-Saving Design

Leverage the functionality of your workspace with this compact and effective OVA8 pole holder, engineered for maximum efficiency and space optimization.

Maintain Pole Condition

Proper storage provided by this holder helps in preserving the condition of your 35ft OVA8 poles, thereby prolonging their lifespan.

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