Roof Cleaning Starter Pack – Cold – 12lpm 125 Bar

Roof Cleaning Starter Pack – Cold – 12lpm 125 Bar

£2,015.00 +VAT

Bundle includes:

1 x 12125 Petrol Pressure Washer – 12lpm 125 Bar with Loncin G200-F petrol engine on carry frame

  • Loncin G200-F petrol engine
  • 3400 Rpm direct drive pump
  • Integrated controlset & bypass
  • Integrated chemical injector
  • Powder-coated carry frame
  • Two-piece lance assembly
  • 8m high pressure hose
  • 3m suction hose & filter

1 x 35ft OVA8 Pole – High Pressure Converted

1 x 300mm Flat Surface Cleaner

1 x Turbo Nozzle for Water Fed Pole

1 x Quick Release Nozzle Set



Introducing the Ultimate Roof Cleaning Starter Pack

Embark on a lucrative journey in the roof cleaning industry with our comprehensive Roof Cleaning Starter Pack. Ideal for emerging businesses, this all-inclusive bundle is your first step towards success in pressure washing. With top-tier durability, our equipment withstands the challenges of frequent, intensive use.

The heart of this pack is the robust 12125 Petrol Pressure Washer. Powered by a reliable Loncin G200-F petrol engine, this powerhouse guarantees efficient surface cleaning. Its remarkable resilience and 12lpm 125 Bar performance promise a steadfast service life, ensuring your start-up thrives with reduced downtime.

Complementing power with precision, the 35ft OVA8 high-pressure water fed pole (WFP) stands out. Known also as a “Power pole,” this versatile tool’s high-pressure conversion suits various roof clean scenarios, offering adaptability alongside consistent results. It’s not just a pole; it’s your partner in professional growth.

Boost your cleaning arsenal further with the strategic inclusion of a Turbo Nozzle for the WFP. This component intensifies your pressure washing capability, ensuring no stain stands in your way. Coupled with a quick-release nozzle set, efficiency becomes your daily business mantra, saving time without compromising on quality.

But we don’t just provide tools; we promise sustained operational excellence. Through our dedicated Water Fed Pole Conversion Spares and Accessories section, we offer continuous support for your Roof Cleaning Equipment. From minor adjustments to major overhauls, your performance stays peak, your clients stay pleased.

Engage with our vibrant community on Facebook for insider tips, success stories, and supportive dialogue. It’s more than a platform; it’s a space where professionals gather, grow, and guide each other. Your journey in roof cleaning is backed by peers, seasoned experts, and an industry-leading brand.

A Future-Proof Investment

In the dynamic world of roof cleaning, our Roof Cleaning Starter Pack is more than equipment; it’s a future-proof investment. Each item in this meticulously curated ensemble speaks of durability, efficiency, and practicality. They come together to form a robust foundation for your business, ready to tackle diverse cleaning demands.

With this starter pack, new ventures harness the power of advanced Roof Cleaning Equipment from day one. It levels the playing field, providing you the confidence and capabilities otherwise reserved for seasoned players. This is where quality meets opportunity, where your ambition meets its match.

The Bottom Line

Success in roof cleaning requires more than intent; it demands the right partner. Our Roof Cleaning Starter Pack is that ally. It’s where aspirations transform into services of distinction. Embrace this journey with AC Pressure Washers, where every clean roof is a milestone in your entrepreneurial story.


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