Suttner Turbo Nozzle 100-250 BAR

Suttner Turbo Nozzle 100-250 BAR

£35.00£37.50 +VAT

  • Pressure 100-250 Bar
  • Max Temp 100°C


Suttner Turbo Nozzle

The German made Suttner Turbo Nozzle is a proven industry leader. Robust, easy to maintain and super simple to fit, these are a must for any commercial pressure washer setup.

How Does a Turbo Nozzle Work?

The Turbo Nozzle (sometimes referred to as a Rotary Nozzle) works by a zero degree jet, which spins in a 6 inch circle at up to 3000 RPM. The jet hits multiple surfaces in quick succession, allowing for a quick and powerful clean. Combining the cleaning power of a zero degree jet with the area of a wide angle fan, it reduces cleaning time dramatically.


Maintaining your Turbo Nozzle is easy! Sometimes, dirt, grit and grime can enter the outlet of the nozzle, causing a blockage. The Suttner Turbo Nozzle can be simply taken apart, and cleaned. The same goes for re-sealing the unit too.

Which Size Turbo Nozzle Do I Need?

Depending on your output, the most effective nozzle size may differ.

Please use this guide below to help you choose the right size for you, simply find your working pressure along the top, and match that to the closest flow rate on the table. Your correct nozzle size will be on the left. This also works for fan jet nozzles too!

From there you can select if you would like a quick release on the nozzle, or if you prefer, you can attach it straight into a lance pipe.





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