Swan Neck Water Fed Pole Adaptor – 90°

£87.50 +VAT

  • Max Pressure 250 Bar
  • M22 Male Inlet
  • Stainless Steel Pipe
  • Max Temp 100°C
  • 90 Degree Angle

Please select your nozzle size, we recommend a nozzle size of 05 if you are using a 21LPM 200 Bar machine at half of it’s capacity.


The Swan Neck Water Fed Pole Adaptor

This anti-fatigue adaptor is for high reach cleaning including cladding, roofs and brickwork.

Using a Suttner Turbo Nozzle as it’s output, The Swan Neck Water Fed Pole Adaptor is a self-righting unit with in-built stability.


How does this reduce fatigue?

With it’s stabilising capability,  this high reach nozzle is easier to control and use compared to other angled nozzles. This is much easier on the shoulders and hands!


How does this ‘self-stabilize’?

With the output of the nozzle being behind the centre line of the pole, this creates a stabilising effect. Standard nozzles work in-front of the pole, creating an offset in balance.



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