X-Jet M5

£207.95 +VAT

Mini Quick Release Probe Inlet

Ratio Inserts Included

Can be used with Sodium Hypochlorite

If you are unsure of which connection you need for a trigger, please see our quick release quide.

A trigger to be used with a Kew Spigot


Introducing the M5 X-Jet SoftWash System: a revolutionary cleaning tool that makes light work of tough jobs. Combining flexibility with compact design and convenience, this system performs complex cleaning tasks quickly and easily. Allowing for effortless high level results every time.

The X-Jet is unique in its construction, incorporating an adjustable nozzle system to allow for the application of chemically robust solutions without compromising pump, hose, or lance components. Whether operating at high or low pressure, the nozzle is able to direct powerful streams of liquid up to 12m / 40 feet in height — perfect for those hard-to-reach spots — and covering a fan pattern of 60° with a distance of 2.5m / 8 feet (pumps specification dependent).

Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of X-Jet SoftWash today! With ultra-durable components engineered for peak performance and long-term reliability. You can feel confident in your choice for a lifetime of reliable results.

Supplied with a 15 piece proportioner set.

Your dilution rate can be altered by simply changing the coloured plastic insert according to the mixture chart included with the kit.

The X-Jet has a revolutionary ball valve that features a state of the art chemically resistant on/off feature. For your convenience, we have included 5m of suction hose with a weighted filter and check valve. This will help prevent leakage into your chemical supply.

For precise dilution into your application process, the X-Jet also comes with Colour Coded Proportioners. With these Proportioners, you can be sure that you have complete control over the dilution process. Without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

Overall, The X-Jet is an indispensable tool for anyone in need of uniform application and dilution standards for their cleaning needs. Whether you’re in the agricultural, industrial or home care fields– get ready for performance beyond expectation with The X-Jet!

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